June 27, 2009

Before starting the puja proper, it is essential to pray Lord Ganesha (God of obstacles)
Thus, with folded hands chant the following:
Karishyamaanasya karmanaha nirvigghnena
Aadhou mahaaganapati smaranam karishye.
(Similarly the grihadevata, i.e. the family Godhead, needs to be invoked as He/She is ever present bestowing protection to the family at all times.
Chant as follows:
Gruha devataam ddhyayaami Ddhyaanam samarpayaami
I respectfully contemplate our family Godhead.
Next puja for kuldev or kula deivam,kuldevatha,(family god)
Kula Deivams are considered as the ANCESTRAL FamilyGod ,our forefathers and relatives have been worshiping that god for ages. They belief of most of the Hindus that these family deities take care of our family .

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