June 02, 2008


Om Kaim Ketave Namah",
Daksinabhimukham hamsavahanam antarvedi desisam dhumradevi
Sametam daksine citragupta brahmanam uttare tu sevitam jaimini
Gotra jananyam vaidhuryabharanalamkaram kuldunda dhanyasyopari
Sukra mitram vayavya digbhage dhvajakara mandale ketum graha nayakam:

ketu béja mantra
om sraà sréà srauà sah ketave namaù
Ketu Sloka
Aneka roopavarnascha
sakaroodha sashras:
Utpata roope Jagadam
Peedam dahathu me tamah:

1. om ketave namaù
2. om sthulaçirase namaù
3. om çiromanträya namaù
4. om dhvajakrataye namaù
5. om navagrahayutäya namaù
6. om siàhikäsurigarbhasambhaväya
7. om mahäbhétikaräya namaù
8. om citravarëäya namaù
9. om çrépiìgalakñakäya namaù
10. om phulladhumasakañäya namaù
11. om tékñëadaàñöäya namaù
12. om mahodaräya namaù
13. om raktaneträya namaù
14. om citrakariëe namaù
15. om tivrakopäya namaù
16. om mahäsuräya namaù
17. om krürakaëöhäya namaù
18. om krodhanidhaye namaù
19. om chäyägrahaviçoçakäya namaù
20. om antyagrahäya namaù
21. om mahäçirçäya namaù
22. om süryäraye namaù
23. om puñpavadgrähiëe namaù
24. om varahastäya namaù
25. om gadapanaye namaù
26. om citravastradharäya namaù
27. om citradhvajapatäkäya namaù
28. om ghoräya namaù
29. om citrarathäya namaù
30. om çikhine namaù
31. om kullutthabhakñakäya namaù
32. om vaiduryabharaëäya namaù
33. om utpatajanakäya namaù
34. om çukramiträya namaù
35. om mandasakhäya namaù
36. om gadädharäya namaù
37. om nakapataye namaù
38. om antarvediçvaräya namaù
39. om jaiminigotrajäya namaù
40. om citraguptätmane namaù
41. om dakñiëaukhäya namaù
42. om mukundavarapaträya namaù
43. om mahäsurakulodbhaväya namaù
44. om ghanavarëäya namaù
45. om lambadeväya namaù
46. om måtyuputräya namaù
47. om utpätarüpadhäriëe namaù
48. om adåçyäya namaù
49. om kälägnisannibhäya namaù
50. om nåpéòäya namaù
51. om gåhakäriëe namaù
52. om sarvopadravavarakäya namaù
53. om citraprasutäya namaù
54. om analäya namaù
55. om sarvavyädhivinäçakäya namaù
56. om apasavyapracariëe namaù
57. om navame päpadäyakäya namaù
58. om païcame çokadäya namaù
59. om uparägakhecagäya namaù
60. om atipuruñakarmaëe namaù
61. om turéye sukhapradäya namaù
62. om tåtiye vairadäya namaù
63. om päpagrahäya namaù
64. om sphatakakarakäya namaù
65. om praëanäthäya namaù
66. om païcame çrémakarakäya namaù
67. om dvitéye asphuöavandätre namaù
68. om viçakulitavaktakäya namaù
69. om kämarüpiëe namaù
70. om siàhadantäya namaù
71. om kuçedhmapriyäya namaù
72. om caturthe mätånäçäya namaù
73. om navame pitånäçakäya namaù
74. om antye vairapradäya namaù
75. om sutänandannidhanakäya namaù
76. om sarpakñijatäya namaù
77. om anaìgäya namaù
78. om karmaräçyudbhaväya namaù
79. om upante kirtidäya namaù
80. om saptamekalahapradäya namaù
81. om añöame vyädhikartre namaù
82. om dhane bahusukhapradäya namaù
83. om janane rogadäya namaù
84. om ürdhvamürdhajäya namaù
85. om grahanayakäya namaù
86. om päpadyañöaye namaù
87. om khecaräya namaù
88. om çambhaväya namaù
89. om açeñapujitäya namaù
90. om çaçvatäya namaù
91. om naöäya namaù
92. om çubhäçubhaphalapradäya namaù
93. om dhümräya namaù
94. om sudhapayine namaù
95. om ajitäya namaù
96. om bhaktavatsaläya namaù
97. om siàhäsanäya namaù
98. om ketumürtaye namaù
99. om ravindudyutinäçakäya namaù
100. om amaräya namaù
101. om péòakäya namaù
102. om amartya namaù
103. om viñëudåñöäya namaù
104. om asureçvaräya namaù
105. om bhaktarakñäya namaù
106. om vaicitryakapaöasyandanäya namaù
107. om vicitraphaladäyine namaù
108. om bhaktäbhiñöaphalapradäya namaù

iti ketu añöottaraçatanämävaliù sampürëaà

Propitiation of Ketu (Thursday)
Donate a brown cow with white spots, colored blankets, or a dog to a poor young man on Thursday.
On the first Thursday of the waxing moon, especially during major or minor Ketu periods.
To be chanted on Thursday at midnight, especially during major or minor Ketu periods:
Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl is the gemstone for Ketu
The planetary diety Ketu is propitiated granting victory over enemies, favour from the King or government, and reduction in diseases caused by Ketu.
Ketu is not really a planet, but rather a mathematically calculated point in the heavens. Because of its lack of a "body" it represents uncertain, unexpected and unpredictable phenomena. It is intelligent and relates to mathematics and other abstract knowledge.
Rahu and Ketu are one together. According to 'Shri Bhagwat Puran', the nectar pitcher was one of the things that came out of the sea after it was churned. When the gods and demons clashed to get the nectar , Lord 'Vishnu' formed himself as the most attractive and charming woman Mohini who started to distribute or feed nectar to both of them. A learned demon Rahu, the son of Viparchitti and Shimica saw that Lord Vishnu in the garb of Mohini, was not practicing honesty. He was infact giving nectar to the gods and wine to the demons. Then he (Rahu) sat among gods in the garb of a god. As soon as he drank the nectar, the Moon and the Sun saw that the demon sitting among them was Rahu. They informed Lord Vishnu who chopped off the neck of the demon but he had become immortal after drinking the nectar. Therefore, both pieces of Rahu ,his head and his remaining body became two separate demons. The head was named Rahu and the remaining body as Ketu. Rahu and Ketu were thrown in opposite directions by the Lord Vishnu

Ketu's sign of the zodiac is Pisces. But in reality it is the sign of Jupiter which is also shared by Ketu. The gem of the planet Ketu is Cat's eye.

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