June 02, 2008


Simha vahanam magadhadesisam atreya gotra kanya
Mithunadhipam mudga dhanyasyopari daksine vishnum
Uttare narayanam banakara mandale yasasvinyukta
Uttarabhimukham marakatabharanam isanya kone srimatam:

budha béja mantra –
om braà brià brauà sah budhäya namaù

1. om budhäya namaù
2. om budharcitäya namaù
3. om saumyäya namaù
4. om saumyacittäya namaù
5. om çubhapradäya namaù
6. om dåòhavratäya namaù
7. om hadaphaläya namaù
8. om çrutijalaprabodhakäya namaù
9. om satya väsäya namaù
10. om satyavacase namaù
11. om çreyasaà pataye namaù
12. om abhayäya namaù
13. om somajäya namaù
14. om sukhadäya namaù
15. om çrémate namaù
16. om somavaàçapradipakäya namaù
17. om vedavide namaù
18. om vedatattväçäya namaù
19. om vedäntajïanabhäskaräya namaù
20. om vidyävicakñaëäya namaù
21. om viduçe namaù
22. om vidvatprétikaräya namaù
23. om krajave namaù
24. om viçvänukulasaïcaräya namaù
25. om viçeñavinayänvitäya namaù
26. om vividhagamasarajïäya namaù
27. om véryavate namaù
28. om vigatajvaräya namaù
29. om trivargaphaladäya namaù
30. om anantäya namaù
31. om tridaçädépapüjitäya namaù
32. om buddhimate namaù
33. om bahuçästrajïäya namaù
34. om baline namaù
35. om bandhavimocakäya namaù
36. om vakativakagamanäya namaù
37. om väsaväya namaù
38. om vasudhädhipäya namaù
39. om prasannavadanäya namaù
40. om vandhyäya namaù
41. om vareëyäya namaù
42. om vägvilakñaëäya namaù
43. om satyavate namaù
44. om satyasaìkalpäya namaù
45. om satyabandhave namaù
46. om sadädaräya namaù
47. om sarvarogapraçamanäya namaù
48. om sarvamåtyunivärakäya namaù
49. om väëijyanipüëäya namaù
50. om vaçyäya namaù
51. om vätäìgäya namaù
52. om vätarogahåte namaù
53. om sthuläya namaù
54. om sthairyaguëädhyakñäya namaù
55. om sthulasukñmädikaraëäya namaù
56. om aprakäçäya namaù
57. om prakäçätmane namaù
58. om ghanäya namaù
59. om gaganabhüñaëäya namaù
60. om vidhistutyäya namaù
61. om viçälakñäya namaù
62. om vidvajjanamanoharäya namaù
63. om cäruçéläya namaù
64. om svaprakäçäya namaù
65. om capaläya namaù
66. om jitendriyäya namaù
67. om udanmukhäya namaù
68. om bukhamakkäya namaù
69. om magadhädhipataye namaù
70. om haraye namaù
71. om saumyavatsarasaïjätäya namaù
72. om somapriyakaräya namaù
73. om mahate namaù
74. om siàhädhirüòhäya namaù
75. om sarvajïäya namaù
76. om çikhivarëäya namaù
77. om çivaìkaräya namaù
78. om pétämbaräya namaù
79. om pétavapuçe namaù
80. om pitaccatradhvajankitaya
81. om khaìgacarmadharäya namaù
82. om käryakartre namaù
83. om kaluñahärakäya namaù
84. om atreyagotrajäya namaù
85. om atyantavinayäya namaù
86. om viçvapavanäya namaù
87. om campeyapuñpasaìkäçäya namaù
88. om caranäya namaù
89. om cärubhüñaëäya namaù
90. om vétarägäya namaù
91. om vétabhayäya namaù
92. om viçuddhakanakaprabhäya
93. om bandhupriyäya namaù
94. om bandhuyuktäya namaù
95. om vanamaëòalasaàçritäya namaù
96. om arkesananiväsasthäya
97. om tarkaçästraviçäradmaya namaù
98. om praçäntäya namaù
99. om prétisaàyuktäya namaù
100. om priyakåte namaù
101. om priyabhüñaëäya namaù
102. om medhävine namaù
103. om mädhavasaktäya namaù
104. om mithunädhipataye namaù
105. om sudhiye namaù
106. om kanyäräçipriyäya namaù
107. om kämapradäya namaù
108. om ghanaphaläçrayäya namaù

iti budha añöottaraçatanämävaliù sampürëaà

Propitiation of Mercury BUDHA(Wednesday)
Donate small green lentils, a green pumpkin, a goat, or green clothes to a poor student on Wednesday at noon.
On Wednesday, especially during Mercury transits and major or minor Mercury periods.
To be chanted on Wednesday, two hours after sunrise, especially during major or minor Mercury periods:
The planetary diety Budha is propitiated increasing health and intelligence.
Mercury best placed in Kanya (Virgo) where is called exalted. Opposite from there, in Meena (Pisces) it is least auspicious and called debilitated. Mercury is lord of the sign Kanya (Virgo) and Mithuna (Gemini) and also of the houses where these signs are placed.
Mercury is known as Budha in Vedic astrology. Budha is known as ''Grahapati'', or lord of the planets. Budha is considered wisest among the planets. Nature of mercury is Airy. Mercury refers to the intellect and intellect comes from mind.

Budha Puja - Worship of Mercury
Worship of Mercury is recommended to those who are weak at studies, find lack of concentration and suffer from blood pressure and sugar problem etc. Reciting this mantra will help to minimize the evil influence of afflicted Mercury.
Aum hram krom aim grahanathaya budhay savaha
One can recite the following mantra on Wednesdays, facing the northeast direction. It is advisable to wear green clothes on such day.marakatham green stone
Position of Budha
Mercury rules over two signs of the sidereal zodiac, Gemini and Virgo. Budha exalts in Virgo and falls in the sign of Pisces. Mercury is most comfortable in the 1st house. Mercury represents the speech, intellect and friends of the individual. It is a very, adaptable and curious planet. If afflicted, it gives speech problems and a poor discriminative ability. If well placed it makes a person witty, easy going and skillful. Mercury id best placed in Kanya (Virgo) where is called exalted. Opposite from there, in Meena (Pisces) it is least auspicious and called debilitated. Mercury is lord of the sign Kanya (Virgo) and Mithuna (Gemini) and also of the houses where these signs are placed. He was the son of Chandra and either Tara or Rohini.
Budhan Temple
Thiruvenkadu - Mercury - Budhan
This is about 24 kms east of Mayuram. Lord Shiva resides here in the name of Swetharanyar. This temple is referred in 'Saiva Thirumurais' and Sastras. This place is similar to Kasi with all the Snana Ghats. One can do all the karmas here, that is supposed to be done in kasi. We can find a separate sanctum sanctorum for bhudan. Bhudan holds the portfolio of Education and Arts and it is the next popular place students prefer to go after Tuition centers.Thiruvenkadu or Swetaranya is situated close to the rivers Kaveri and Manikarnika, about 9 km from the Shiyali Railway Station, Thanjavur. It is accessible by road from Vaitheeswaran Koil and Semponnar Koil railway stations as well.

The name Thiruvenkadu, as also its Sanskritic equivalent Swetaranya, literally means ‘sacred white forest’. The place is differently known as Jnana-aranya, (forest of wisdom), Patala Kailas, Adi Chidambaram etc. The temple enshrines Lord Shiva - Swetaranyeswara - Thiru-ven-kaatu-eswara - and His consort Brahma Vidyanayaki. The shrine is associated with prominent devotees like Meikandar, Pattinathaar and Swetaketu. In fact, Pattinathaar had the childhood name of Thiruvenkadar.

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